Dissapointing End To A Bad Season

Kentucky headed to Tampa knowing they would need to win the SEC to make the tournament and after an opening round win over Ole Miss UK had a glimmer of hope, but the LSU Tigers quickly extinguished that hope with a nine point win yesterday. Kentucky would need to have played one of their best games of the year to win and instead they played one of their worst games of the year. UK which appropriately wore black uniforms yesterday almost as to signify that we can now basically bury this season as one of the most disappointing in UK history.

Kentucky was plagued once again by turnovers as they sometimes could just not get out of their own way. The lead stayed at 5-7 points almost the entire game and UK could just never take advantage of an LSU team that did not nearly play up to it’s potential. Kentucky which desperately needed a big game from Jodie Meeks in order to win instead got a season low 8 points as LSU did an excellent job of containing Meeks. I am not going to dwell on this loss much as it was a painful one for me and this fan base. Kentucky had it’s chance all season to secure enough wins to make sure they would not be in a situation like they found themselves in, but instead lost to teams like VMI, Vandy, and Georgia.

I encourage everyone to watch and support the Cats in the NIT, yes it is not where we want to be, but these kids have gave everything they have all year long, they have busted their butts for this team. No matter how much you do not like losing I guarantee that they hate it about a hundred times more. I have read from countless people that they wont watch this team in the NIT and to them I say good riddance. I find it sad that on Thursday people knew UK had won because there were so few people on message boards like The Cats Pause. Yes we are apart of the greatest program in college basketball, yes we are used to playing for final fours, but no one should be above cheering for this team no matter if they have only won 2 games all year or if they are in the National championship. I for one will be at Memorial on Tuesday ready to cheer on these Cats, they have gave it everything they have had this year and I guarantee on Tuesday they will once again give it all they have. So I do not care how much you dislike Billy or how dissapointed you are with the season do not take it out on the kids, show up be loud and enjoy the fact that at least we get to watch our Cats play at least one more time this year.

A big thank you to A Sea Of Blue for the kind words in their most recent post.

Thanks everyone for checking out my blog. I have a new post up about the football team so check that out also while you are here. Link


3 Responses

  1. I just like for thease guys to know they need look at their front of their jersey it says kentucky and theres not to many of them deserve to wear it.
    if you cant hit a 10 foot jump shot why did they get a free pass in coll. Why cant we get a coach that can recruit come on this is kentucky .We just got
    tubby kicked out and he got us to the big dance every year this clown couldnt even get us in.

  2. What is happening to us? I mean geez, nobody in the country can deny that UK is basketball. I am not saying that the sport wouldn’t exist without us, but damn it man i said years ago to not go with Tubby, and all he did was screw us. I live in Florida now and at least we beat them this year, but what is going on. Then Pittino what the hell was he thinking when he went to Louisville, after UK treated him like a GOD.

    • While Tubby did not leave us a roster full of talent for Gillispie he is not to blame for us not making the tournament, he took a team with less talent than ours right now to the tourney. Tubby really did a lot for this program, a championship, 4 elite eights, an undefeated SEC season, yes he did not make the final four after his first year, but he was a hell of a coach. I really believe that this program has hit the lowest low and that next season will be a return to form. I look for Patterson and Meeks to both return, Miller will emerge as 10-12 point a game player, Orton and Pilgrim will free Patterson up and this team will win the SEC next year. I know it is hard to believe, but this team is not nearly as bad as they have seemed down the stretch

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